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Here are a few links to Blues websites.
They all have links to others.  Blues, Blues and more Blues!

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Lots of great CDs being produced by real live living blues artists.  Help them BEFORE they become DBGs!  "Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the true pioneers and forgotten heroes of Southern musical traditions gain recognition and meet their day to day needs."  Click the banner to visit the site.

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The Blue Highway - The Blue Highway is an Associate.  Profits from this association go to the Wortham Black Cemetery Association for upkeep of the cemetery and the FRP of Lemon Jefferson.

Celebrate The Blues Genre: Resource List - - "The Blues genre of music is one of the most beloved music in the entire world. Originating in the 19th century from the African-American communities in the Deep South, the name refers to “the blue devils” because the music itself was originally very melancholic and sad. However, as time went on, many different genres evolved, including blues rock in the 1960s and 1970s. Punk blues and punk rock became popular in the 1990s."

T-Bone's Blues Page - "the web site your mother warned you about" - Sadly, no longer on the web...

Document Records  "the world's largest catalogue for Vintage Blues, Gospel, Spirituals, Jazz and Country Music, with a little bit of World Music and Soul thrown in..."

YOTB = Year of the Blues - For the DBGs, it's always the YOTB.   But, it's a good thing that our government thought 100 years of "that devil music" was worth recognizing for at least a year.

Friends and Fans

Lonsome Dan Kase and the Crush Collision Trio  ""Crush Collision Trio makes you nostalgic for the gritty scratch of a needle across vinyl" On this site you can see Blueslinks from all around the world. This is a non-profit site dedicated to the promotion and preservation of independent and international Blues Artists.

Detroit Blues Heritage Series - The Detroit Blues Heritage Series is brought to you by the Detroit Blues  Heritage Project and the Detroit Blues Society.

Big Road Blues  "Home of The Best Blues Forum on the Net  - Free Slide Guitar and Harmonica Lessons and, of course, the Blues Enquirer!"

Our Other Sites - Entertainment For Your Third Eye