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Dead Blues Guys - Amazon Blues
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Allen, Fulton (Blind Boy Fuller)  Blind Boy Fuller Music  All Blind Boy Fuller
Allison, Luther  Luther Allison Music  All Luther Allison
Allman, Duane  Duane Allman Music  All Duane Allman
Ammons, Gene  Gene Ammons Music  All Gene Ammons
Anderson, Pinkney "Pink"  Pink Anderson Music  All Pink Anderson
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Baker, Earnest Leon (King Ernest)  King Ernest Music  All King Ernest
Blackwell, Francis (Scrapper Blackwell)  Scrapper Blackwell Music  All Scrapper Blackwell
Blakemore, Amos (Junior Wells)  Junior Wells Music  All Junior Wells
Bloomfield, Michael  Michael Bloomfield Music  All Michael Bloomfield
Broonzy, William (Big Bill Broonzy)  Big Bill Broonzy Music  All Big Bill Broonzy
Burnside, R.L  R.L Burnside Music  All R.L Burnside
Clarence Butler  Clarence Butler Music  All Clarence Butler
Curtis Butler  Curtis Butler Music  All Curtis Butler
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Council, Floyd "Dipper Boy"    
Crayton, Pee Wee  Pee Wee Crayton Music  All Pee Wee Crayton
Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy"  Big Boy Crudup Music  All Big Boy Crudup
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Davis, Rev. Gary  Reverend Gary Davis Music  All Reverend Gary Davis
Davis, Miles  Miles Davis Music  All Miles Davis
Dixon, Willie  Willie Dixon Music  All Willie Dixon
Dorsey, Thomas (Georgia Tom)  Georgia Tom Dorsey Music  All Georgia Tom Dorsey
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Ellington, Edward Kennedy "Duke"  Duke Ellington Music  All Duke Ellington
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Frost, Frank  Frank Frost Music  All Frank Frost
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Gallagher, Rory  Rory Gallagher Music  All Rory Gallagher
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Handy, William Christopher (W. C.)  W.C. Handy Music  All W.C. Handy
Hemphill, Jessie Mae  Jessie Mae Hemphill Music  All Jessie Mae Hemphill
Hendrix, Jimi  Jimi Hendrix Music  All Jimi Hendrix
Hooker, Earl  Earl Hooker Music  All Earl Hooker
Hooker, John Lee  John Lee Hooker Music  All John Lee Hooker
Hopkins, Sam Lightnin'  Lightnin' Hopkins Music  All Lightnin' Hopkins
Horton, "Big" Walter   Big Walter Horton Music  All Big Walter Horton
House, Eddie James "Son"  Son House Music  All Son House
Huff, Luther  Luther Huff Music  All Luther Huff
Hurt, "Mississippi" John S.  Mississippi John Hurt Music  All Mississippi John Hurt
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Jackson, Melvin "Lil' Son"   Lil' Son Jackson Music  All Lil' Son Jackson
James, Elmore  Elmore James Music  All Elmore James
James, Nehemiah "Skip"  Skip James Music  All Skip James
Jefferson, "Blind" Lemon   Blind Lemon Jefferson Music  All Blind Lemon Jefferson
Johnson, Robert  Robert Johnson Music  All Robert Johnson
Johnson, Robert  Robert Johnson Complete Set  
Jordan, Luke    
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Kimbrough, Junior  Junior Kimbrough Music  All Junior Kimbrough
King, Albert  Albert King Music  All Albert King
King, Freddie  Freddie King Music  All Freddie King
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Lawlers, Lizzie Douglas (Memphis Minnie)  Memphis Minnie Music  All Memphis Minnie
LéNoir, JB  LéNoir, JB Music  All LéNoir, JB
Lewis, Walter (Furry Lewis)  Furry Lewis Music  All Furry Lewis
Lipscomb, Mance  Mance Lipscomb Music  All Mance Lipscomb
M           return to top    
Maghett, Samuel (Magic Sam)  Magic Sam Music  All Magic Sam
McCollum, Robert (Robert NightHawk)  Robert NightHawk Music  All Robert Highthawk
McDowell, Fred (Mississippi Fred McDowell)  Mississippi Fred McDowell Music  All Mississippi Fred McDowell
McKernan, Ronald C. "Pigpen"  Pigpen (Grateful Dead) Music  All Pigpen (Grateful Dead)
Miller, Aleck "Rice" (Willie "Sonny Boy" Williamson II)  Sonny Boy Williamson Music  All Sonny Boy Williamson
Monk, Thelonious  Thelonius Monk Music  All Thelonius Monk
Moore, Alexander H. (Whistlin' Alex Moore)  Whistlin' Alex Moore Music  All Alex Moore
Morganfield, McKinley (Muddy Waters)  Muddy Waters Music  All Muddy Waters
P           return to top    
Parker, Charlie 'Bird'  Charlie 'Bird' Parker Music  All Charlie Parker
Patton, Charley  Charley Patton Music  All Charley Patton
Professor Longhair "Fess"  Professor Longhair Music  All Professor Longhair
R           return to top    
Rachell, James (Yank Rachell)  Yank Rachell Music  All Yank Rachell
Reed, James (Jimmy Reed)  Jimmy Reed Music  All Jimmy Reed
S           return to top    
Sims, Frankie Lee  Frankie Lee Sims Music  All Frankie Lee Sims
Smith, Clara  Clara Smith Music  All Clara Smith
Spann, Otis  Otis Spann Music  All Otis Spann
T           return to top    
Taylor, Hound Dog  Hound Dog Taylor Music  All Hound Dog Taylor
Rufus Thomas  Rufus Thomas Music  All Rufus Thomas
Thornton, Big Mama  Big Mama Thornton Music  All Big Mama Thornton
Trice, Richard    
Trice, Willie  Willie Trice Music  All Willie Trice
Tucker, Luther  Luther Tucker Music  All Luther Tucker
Turner, Big Joe  Big Joe Turner Music  All Big Joe Turner
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Vaughan, Stephen Ray "Stevie"  Stevie Ray Vaughan Music  All Stevie Ray Vaughan
W           return to top    
Walker Aaron Thibeaux "T-Bone"  T-Bone Walker Music  All T-Bone Walker
Wallace, Beulah "Sippie"  Sippie Wallace Music  All Sippie Wallace
Warren, Robert H. "Baby Boy"    
Wellington, Valerie  Valerie Wellington Music  All Valerie Wellington
White, Booker T. Washington (Bukka White)  Bukka White Music  All Bukka White
Williams, Hank Sr.  Hank Williams Sr. Music  All Hank Williams Sr.
Williamson, John Lee (Sonny Boy Williamson I)  Sonny Boy Williamson I Music  All Sonny Boy Williamson I
Wolf, Howlin' (Chester Arthur Burnett)  Howlin' Wolf Music  All Howlin' Wolf