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Addition of FRPs, Changes to the Site and Other News

Blues Artist's *** Headstone - Marker - Grave

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April 27, 2008
"Our Man on the South Side," Jake Freeman, sent in a photo of Georgia Tom Dorsey's crypt in the Mausoleum at Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. Many thanks to Jake.
April 19, 2008
Just a reminder that DBG only accepts original photographs and artwork for publication on the site. This means that we won't publish images or artwork that is downloaded or captured from other sites. We appreciate the enthusiasm of the visitors who submit images from other sites in order to include DBGs that aren't on DBG, but we can't use those images because of rights and permissions issues.

Original images may be sumbitted by the photographer or artist who produced the work, or by their friends who obtain permission from them to submit the images in their name. Artwork may be completely original, or an interpretation of a photograph, as long as the degree of interpretation is something other than the application of a photoshop effect or a collage of unmanipulated photographs. Admittedly, there is a high degree of subjectivity involved in the decision regarding artwork. We hope this answers some recent questions that have come up.

Images should be accompanied by:
  • Name of DBG & Stage Names
  • Information regarding the trip to the grave that you want to share with our site visitors (optional)
  • Name of Cemetery and Location (Church Name if applicable, Street Address, City, County, State, Postal Code, Country
  • Date photograph or artwork was made (Month/Year is good enough, but date and time is fine, too!)
  • Photographer or artist name
  • For Artwork - Medium and Size, Artist's website URL - Is artwork for sale?
  • Images should be minimum 604x280 pixels 72 dpi (ppi) - If all you have is an original digital image that is smaller, we can still use it. We prefer to receive the largest and highest quality image or scan you have. We can scan original prints and will return them.

July 2007 - April 2008
Several notable updates over the past months. (This may be a partial list. We're still catching up)
June 29, 2007
Hank Williams Sr. gets a portrait, thanks to Jimmy Stewart, the artist. Brian Tierney sends in two photos of Hank's grave with some interesting shadows... Thanks, Brian!
January 5, 2007
Charlie 'Bird' Parker joins the group, thanks to Dave Schaefer. If you only think of jazz when you hear Bird's name, listen again. Thanks, Dave!
November 6, 2006
Added a new photo to Stevie Ray Vaughan's page, courtesy of Craig Hopkins, noted authority on SRV, author and President of the SRV Fan Club. This is a photo of the original gravestone, which was replaced when the current marker was installed. Thanks, Craig!
November 1, 2006
Added Three New Photos of the Jimi Hendrix Memorial. These came from Bill Aronson, who visited in 2005. Bill included a great photo of the original marker, which was incorporated into the memorial. Thanks, Bill!
August 15, 2006
Added Rufus Thomas, Robert Nighthawk, Frank Frost, and a photo of Guitar Gabriel, thanks to Don Buroker.
Added Junior Kimbrough, Furry Lewis, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Sonny Boy Williamson I, thanks to Mark Low.   Great contributions!
April 10, 2006
Added JB LéNoir, Memphis Minnie and Bukka White, thanks to Larry Widen.
April 8, 2006
Added King Ernest Baker, thanks to Paul Hathaway for the photo of the marker, the memorial service announcement and Paul's obituary for King Ernest.
March 1, 2006
Added a new image of Rory Gallagher's FRP. Thanks to, and much appreciation for, the patience of Pauline and Paul Turner.
Also, sometime between now and last August we added the terrific illustrations of Phil Chestnut, the Philustr8tr!, along with his photo of Sonny Boy Williamson II's FRP. See Phil's work on his page, and the pages of Sonny Boy II, Albert King and Freddie King. Don't forget to visit Phil's website.
August 3, 2005
Added Albert King. Thanks to Bob Agee and Erik Ellington for the photos of Albert King.
Added Mance Lipscomb. Thanks to Erik Ellington for the photos of Mance Lipscomb.
Thanks to both of them for their patience in wating for them to get up on the site.
May 21, 2005
Added Howlin' Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett) . DBG Thanks Larry Widen
March 13, 2005
Added Duane Allman. Thanks to Mike Piazza and Chris BeleƱa
February 28, 2005
Added T-Bone WalkerPee Wee CraytonBig Mama ThorntonJohn Lee Hooker
Once more, a Big Thanks to Clint Stoutenour
February 8, 2005
Added Big Boy Crudup - Thanks to Robert Baer
January 27, 2005
Added Rory Gallagher - Many Thanks to Patrick Kennedy and Harry Pellegrin
January 26, 2005
Added a great photo from 1988 to W.C. Handy's page - Thanks to Harry Pellegrin
Added Hound Dog Taylor, Luther Allison and Michael Bloomfield - Once again, our thanks to Clint Stoutenour
January 3, 2005
Added Big Joe Turner - Many Thanks to The So. Cal Bluesmen, Big Son Tom Eliff & West Coast Johnny Childress
December 20, 2004
Added Otis Spann - And Another BIG Thank You! DBG to Clint Stoutenour.
December 19, 2004
Added Willie Dixon, Big Bill Broonzey - Another BIG Thank You! DBG to Clint Stoutenour.
December 6, 2004
Added Yank Rachell, Jimmy Reed, Scrapper Blackwell and another shot of Earl Hooker's marker - Many, Many thanks to Clint Stoutenour for these photos!
Added Guitar Gabriel - Our Heartfelt Thanks to Gaile Welker - For this contribution and all that she has done to promote appreciation for the Blues and the artists.
October 1, 2004
Added a close-up photo of Alex Moore's marker - The close-up is of the small photographic portrait of Moore, hidden behind a metal cap on the marker.
September 7, 2004
We started selling DBG T-Shirts - Show your support for Dead Blues Guys everywhere. It's a good quality t-shirt and should last a long, long time. Get one today!  Click Here to go to the t-shirt order page.
July 22, 2004
Added Photo's of the Jimi Hendrix Memorial - Many Thanks to Philip Nicholson, who photographed the memorial on July 12, 2004.
April 20, 2004
Added Whistlin' Alex Moore - The Dallas Texas Piano Bluesman who said "I don't know how to play the piano, but my fingers do." - Thanks to Kelly Brady
April 8, 2004
DBG website upgraded and redesigned. The site is now built using CSS. Some older browsers will not display the page designs, but less than .02% of our visitors are still using outdated browsers. We have temporarily disabled the FRP Notes feature because scammers and spammers have been taking advantage of e-mail addresses left there. A more secure replacement will be coming along in the near future. Thanks to eveyone who has contributed to DBG. More DBG's to come!
September 1, 2002
Added Freddie King  -  Thanks to Kelly Brady
August 20, 2002
Added Robert Johnson at Little Zion "The FINAL Final Resting Place."  Thanks to Janet and Mike Tester
August 9, 2002
Added Robert Johnson at Payne Chapel and Mt Zion  - Thanks to Mike Bass
August 6, 2002
Added Skip James
July 30, 2002
Added Hank Williams, Sr.
July 29, 2002
Added Floyd "Dipper Boy" Council
July 18, 2002
Added Charley Patton and Sonny Boy Williamson II.  Thanks to Michael Bass of Valdosta, GA.  One more to come from Mike.  Stay tuned.
March 1, 2002
Added Lightnin' Hopkins 
January 16, 2002
A tip from a visitor leads us to conclude that the photos of Lil' Son Jackson's headstone are not what they seem to be.  Turns out there are multiple Melvin Jackson's in that cemetery and the one we had is not Lil' Son!. We've contacted the photographer and will try to get the right headstone in the viewfinder next time.  Many thanks to those who helped us figure this out.    
November 27, 2001
It's Stevie Ray Vaughan Day!  We received photographs from two unrelated contributors within 24 hours!
Check out the SRV pages.
July 23, 2001
Added a bunch of DBGs over the past two weeks. See list below.

DBG is thrilled to be able to bring you the artwork of David E. Larson.  Check out Sippie Wallace for an example.  More to come!

Pink Anderson, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, W.C. Handy, Jimi Hendrix, Son House, Luther Huff, Mississippi John Hurt, Elmore James, Luke Jordan, Clara Smith, Sippie Wallace, Baby Boy Warren

The photos of Mississippi John Hurt and Elmore James were taken by Dick Waterman. Mr. Waterman's contributions to the world of the living Blues is extraordinary and DBG is honored to be able to present these photographs. (See Dick Waterman Photography)

June 16, 2001
OK, it's been a while.  Got too busy.  But things are still happening here and we're back.
Added Richard Trice
Special Event - June 16 in Durham, North Carolina, USA - Blind Boy Fuller Honored
More to come ! Some photos by Dick Waterman
June 7, 2000
Added "Lil' Son" Jackson and Frankie Lee Sims
May 8, 2000
Added links to biographies of Dead Blues Guys, a blues site link page, search page and what's new.
April 14, 2000
Added Gene Ammons, Junior Wells, Earl Hooker, Walter Horton, Magic Sam, Muddy Waters, Luther Tucker, Valerie Wellington & Restvale Cemetery, Worth IL.
January 10, 2000
Site Launched - FRPs of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Boy Fuller, Thelonious Monk, Rev. Gary Davis & Willie Trice