Dead Blues Guys
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The Mission

DBG started out as a day trip to visit the final resting place of Blind Lemon Jefferson while attending a wedding in Texas.  Why?  Why not?  We drove into town and saw a prominent cemetery on the outskirts of town, but it seemed pretty obvious that it wasn't what we were looking for.  A quick stop at the local mini-mart and we had what we needed.  The young women behind the counter had given directions to Blind Lemon's grave to many other travelers and probably knew what we wanted before we actually asked.  An unmarked dirt road just past the other cemetery took us back to a small fenced-in graveyard and way in the back is the headstone and commemorative marker of Blind Lemon.  Mission accomplished.  Who knows how many folks have made this same trip?  From the reception at the mini-mart, it seems that it must be more than a few...

Some of the men and women who played and lived the blues lie in unmarked graves.  Some very dedicated people have worked tirelessly to get them markers.  If you are working on getting a marker for a DBG, please let us know.

There are other folks like us who make pilgrimages to the FRP's of great, famous and not so famous blues artists to pay respects.  What about you?  Send us your pictures. We'll do the best we can.

The Management